Our Mission:

  • To challenge members to thrive by promoting active participation in community and supporting choices that increase independence and develop natural talents. Our efforts are realized within the framework of The Salvation Army, emphasizing the love and acceptance of all.

Our Mandate:

  • Each Community Venture service endeavors to enhance its members’ quality of life by meeting their special needs, by affirming their unique contributions, and by presenting a broad range of experiences and growth opportunities.
    • Our Values:

      • We believe in the importance of community building.
      • We value relationships, dignity, quality, competence, excellence, flexibility, creativity, integrity and diversity.
      • We respect the privacy of participants, employees and organizational information.
      • We commit to truth, fairness, equity and respect for members and their families, ourselves, our colleagues, and those with whom we are in contact.
      • We commit to developing and demonstrating our own leadership, within the organization and within our communities.
      • We support the role of advocacy in the pursuit of inclusive communities.
      • We believe that to support individuals, we must support their families and communities.