The achievements of Community Venture would not be possible without the organizations’ dedicated staff. Community Venture’s diverse and experienced teams continue to guide Community Venture towards its vision of enhancing quality of life as it strives to help Community Venture in its mission to provide comprehensive, customized services.

Organizational Principals:
• We commit to evidence based practice.
• We comply with applicable laws, statutes, regulations and contractual obligations and take a professional approach in all reporting and the integrity of transactions and records.
• We respect that we are entrusted by the public to ensure that public funds are spent wisely, that no conflict of interest exists or is seen to exist, and that people with whom we have a relationship are not placed at undue risk.

Community Venture Leadership Team:

The Salvation Army Area Commander: Rodney Bungay Rodney.Bungay@salvationarmy.ca
Executive Director: Kim Park director@communityventure.mb.ca
Coordinator of Administration & Support Services: Regina Caligagan office@communityventure.mb.ca
Coordinator of Spiritual Care: Major Shelley Kerr spiritualcare@communityventure.mb.ca
Coordinator of Day Services: Winnipeg South East: Crystal Ryland south@communityventure.mb.ca
Coordinator of Day Services: Winnipeg North East: Jeremy Knaggs henderson@communityventure.mb.ca
Coordinator of Day Services: Winnipeg South West: Ashley Andrews charleswood@communityventure.mb.ca
Coordinator of Day Services: Winnipeg North West: Colin Kawaleski maples@communityventure.mb.ca
Coordinator of Day Services: Winnipeg West: Cheryl Marrone booth@communityventure.mb.ca
Coordinator of Outreach Services: Tracey Busby outreach@communityventure.mb.ca
Coordinator of Residential Services: Rowena Austria residential@communityventure.mb.ca
Coordinator of Day Services – Seniors:  Stacey Armstrong seniors@communityventure.mb.ca